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A.M Enterprises was founded in 2015 in its present shape as a trading company for managing downstream operations for Darson Industries Pvt Ltd. Darson Industries Pvt Ltd is a name that needs no introduction in the automotive world which has delivered quality products since 1953. Darson Industries Pvt Ltd has a huge product portfolio and customer base that is spread across 35 different countries delivering the best in auto spares. With a vision to streamline local distribution and build on new networks, A.M enterprises were given the role to manage downstream sales and marketing operations in the local market.

At A.M Enterprises we have been focused on developing a synergistic approach taking in to account feedback and information right from the grass root level and knowing fully well the supply chain capabilities of Darson Industries to come up with the best possible strategies. A.M Enterprises has brought in flexibility and robustness in the compromised demand supply situation that existed earlier. 

A.M Enterprises, with its previous experience of working through the length and breadth of the country, had already great knowledge of the local market. The company along with close cooperation with the Darson sales team started to revamp the downstream operations in 2017.

Initiatives such as the development of updated product catalogs, new product development, product forecasting, and database management for customers were started. Due to the wide variety of products and a large customer base it was always a challenge to meet the needs of the market. However, with continuous struggle and effort put in by both companies, all problems were removed. At present A.M Enterprises caters to more than 200 small and large customers. 

Together Darson & A.M Enterprises we set out to provide the finest auto spare parts to our customers in Pakistan.  We stay at the forefront of the latest technology and are always adding to our knowledge base to cater to the changing needs of the market. Whether your vehicle is old or new, we have the finest quality spare parts to fix any problem you may have.

We understand how important your car is to you and that is the reason why we believe in delivering a quality product that provides reliability and performance year after year.

At A.M Enterprises we have built an unparalleled foundation of knowledge through rigorous training of our staff and years of experience of managing the supply chain. Our aim is to make available Darson products to anyone & everyone in need of a quality product. A.M Enterprises is your trusted auto rubber parts supplier. 


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